Calling All Writers





  • There is a $20 Registration for each submitted monologue (limit 3 per writer).

    • If you've already entered the contest as an actor, paid your $50 entrance fee, and your piece is an original (at least 75% your writing), then you'll be automatically entered into the writer's contest and you do NOT need to pay the $20 Writer's Contest registration fee.


  • The winner of LA’s 13th Annual 1Minute Writers Contest will be selected from ORIGINAL monologues submitted by 11:59PM on 1/19/20. 


  • Check out the Prizes for the winner HERE


  •  All submitted monologues will be placed on our exclusive WRITERS GALLERY, making them available to our registered performers to choose from for their performances.


  • You can check out an example of a previously submitted monologue HERE.


  • Monologue submissions will be accepted between December 7th, 2019 and January 19th, 2020 11:59 PM. Monologues will not be accepted after the submission deadline is closed.

  • Full submission guidelines and Instructions on how to register for 2020 HERE

Now get those 1Minute babies ready to go!

But, remember…

Nothing great is ever written. Greatness is rewritten!



DISCLAIMER: By submitting your work, you are agreeing to the following: The writer (you) will remain owner over the material. However, you are releasing your work completely to LA’s 1Minute Monologue Contest, Clay Banks Studio & Productions for promotional use and purposes only. By submitting your monologue you are also granting permission to the competing actors of our Actor's Festival to select and perform your monologue on video. If selected Top 60 performances will be screened, at our Top 60  Showcase on January 25th, 2020. If your monologue is selected by an actor who submits it to the showcase, and this actor's performance is ranked in the top 10 by our panel of judges, that video will be shared (via a link) to our list of industry professionals (including agents, managers, casting directors and film makers). By submitting, you understand that actors will have complete creative license over the translation of the piece and any further use by the actor is completely out of the hands of the affiliates of this contest and burden of future terms and agreement regarding the use of submitted written material will lie strictly between writer and actor. All written material is subject to postings online, social media outlets and various websites.