Use of Weapons Protocol 



If you plan on using any sort of weapon (real or fake) in your monologue performance, you must adhere to the following requirements. Failure to do so will result in you being asked to leave the premises and/or your monologue being shut down immediately!


         NOTE - Absolutely no real firearms allowed!


Weapons are defined as:

  1. Firearms (Gun, Rifle, Pistol)

  2. Knives

  3. Any sort of Martial Arts Apparatus (Nunchucks, Stars, Sticks)


  • Any use of Weapons must be announced on your registration form and submitted monologue.

  • All Weapons will need to be approved prior to your performance.

    • All Weapons will need to be cleared by our 1Minute Producer prior to entering THE STUDIO.

  • The weapon will only be exposed during the actual performance.

  • The exposed weapon will not leave the immediate studio area.

    • Weapon must be stowed/put away prior to leaving the studio.

  • The weapon can not be pointed directly at ANY MEMBER OF THE JUDGING PANEL.

  • The weapon can not be pointed directly at ANY PERSON IN THE STUDIO.

  • The weapon can not and will not be activated. (Fired, Thrown, Triggered)

    • Doing so will result in immediate disqualification.


If you have any further questions, at all, please direct them to:


Thank You

Coach Banks