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Danielle Argyros

2017's Top 10 


Second Place

Nick Yaya

2nd Place Character Category


Third Place

Allison Walter ​

1st Place Female Lead Category


Fourth Place

Richard Kovacs

1st Place Male Lead Category


Fifth Place

Ana Gatchell

2nd Place Lead Female Category

Sixth Place

Waldemar Fernandez

2nd Place Lead Male Category


Seventh Place

Joseph Evangelista

3rd Place Character Category

Eighth Place

Brittany Cox

3rd Place Female Lead Category

Ninth Place

Collin Sutton



Today's the Day

By Danielle Argroys

Today’s the day Tabitha, you are gonna brush your teeth, get dressed, walk up to Brad’s cubicle, deliver his morning coffee and say: "Hey Brad, I brought your favorite coffee with a wide selection of sweeteners: Stevia, Equal, or raw!" NO, Tabatha! Don’t give him options, make a choice, you are the choice!!!


(Smells her underarms..gross) We got to fix that.


Hey, Brad, I brought your favorite coffee from your favorite coffee shop and I was hoping maybe we could go out tonight and after our candlelit dinner, you could cradle my body as we lie naked on my bed.


No Tabatha don’t freak the shit out of Brad. He’ll never want to go out with you... be cool, be sexy... and do not look at his package while speaking to him even if it does have the perfect amount of bulge. You can do this Tabatha. You are going to make hot sweaty bedroom moments with Brad. Maybe I’ll ask him next week. Yeah.. next week.

Tenth Place

Lauren Schoepfer


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Danielle Argyros:

Today's the Day

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