I got booked in a film off of my performance! —I had a blast! — 1Minute has opened up so many more doors for me! - It was an incredible experience! —

A fantastic experience, loved it! — I wrote my own monologue and got a film job because of it! Very cool! It was awesome! — I never felt so comfortable and vulnerable at the same time!     What a blast! I had a great time! — Wow! Really scary, I loved it! — It goes by so fast… — This was freak’n awesome! — Great experience!  — I’m doing it again next year! — The most fun you can possibly have in a minute! — I really haven’t experienced anything like it! - The judges were amazing! - It was awesome, exhilarating, honestly, I blacked out... in the best of ways! -  The feeling after I performed was exhilarating! - This was just EPIC! - I want to do it again RIGHT NOW!


I landed my manager and now I go out on A-Level auditions! - I developed a character that’s gone on to land me more work! — Can’t thank you enough for this experience! — Fast! Heart pounding!! — What a rush! — This was a God send! — 1Minute has made me a better actor.— I love the 1Minute Monologue Contest! (and continue to do it) — The most fun I’ve ever had in a showcase! — It was… WOW! — OMG, what an amazing experience! — It was so fast, I did it on my lunch break.— I’m ready to jump off the roof now! — I love the whole entire thing! So well organized! — It was like a ride on a roller coaster! — I’ve done it five times now and each year I grow, learn and get stronger…! — Loved it! Scary but fun! — Wow, Wow, Wow. So much fun, fun, fun! 




Collin Sutton

“I've done this contest five times now and each time I grow, I learn, and I take away this strength as an actor. Every actor should jump at the chance to showcase themselves in this venue where you are out under the microscope and compressed to a high level.”

Alicia Urizar

“The experience I had with the 1MM contest brought a great deal of insight about myself, acting, and the tools needed to successfully execute a monologue.”

Joe Abraham

“This was, in a word, freakin’ awesome! Performing at the top of your game in a high pressure environment is what top billed actors do . . . daily. This contest was a perfect place to have that experience.”