Rules & Protocol


LA’s 13th Annual 1Minute Monologue Contest and Celebration


  • DATE: Registration Opens December 7th 2019

  • CONTEST/CELEBRATION DATE: Saturday, January 25th, 2020.

  • TIME:     

    • 4:00 PM - 5:00 Doors open and Judges Q &A

    • 5:00 PM -6:30  - Cocktail Party and Judges/Participants Mixer

    • 6:30 - 9:30 PM - Live screening of the Top 60 (With Audience Voting)

    • 9:30 PM - After Party

    • 10:00 PM - Winners Announced

  • LOCATION: Contest & Festival hosted by CBSI, 10660 Riverside Drive, Suite E (2rd floor) Toluca Lake, CA 91602.

  • PARTY: This is a, high energy celebration, and awards-party so come early and get ready to have a great time!



Contest Structure

Videotaping Standards & Guidelines

Non-Produced Monologues

Produced Monologues

Judging & Scoring

After The Contest


Contest Structure:


  • Actors enter The Contest by submitting videos of their monologues

  • A nonrefundable $50 Submission Fee is collected for each monologue entered 

  • Top 60 Monologues (As determined by our in house judging staff) will be screened on January 25th

  • The Top 60 Monologues will be judged by our Panel of Industry Professionals 

  • The top 10 (Determined by our Industry Panel of Judges) will be packaged and sent to another team of Industry Professionals


Videotaping Standards & Guidelines


  • Monologues must be uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo  and submitted by 11:59 pm, January 19th, 2020.

  • If you are not having your monologue Produced:

    • We recommend that the recording of your monologue replicate a standard audition room with a plain background and pale-colored walls. There shouldn't be any distracting patterns, clocks, posters, or other items hung on the wall behind you. The room should be quiet and have reasonable acoustics. Good/clear audio is key. Try to avoid echoes.

    • Lighting: as long as we can see you clearly and your face is not covered in shadow your video will be accepted.

    • If using a smartphone is your only option, please use it in landscape mode on a solid, non-moving surface, or have a friend hold it while you perform.

    • Monologues must be between 60 and 90 seconds in length. Any longer or shorter and you will be disqualified (this includes titles and credits).

    • From Picture Up to Picture Down your Video's total running time must be between 60 and 90 seconds. Any run time longer or shorter will be disqualified.​

  • If you are Producing your monologue

    • You are permitted to use any production company, reel service or filmmaker you choose. But click HERE if you are local and would like to take advantage of the special rates offered by 1Minutes official Partners

    • With fully produced pieces you are welcome to include special effects, creative editing, a score, and even other characters who speak as long as your monologue comprises 80% of the dialogue and screen time. Remember you are being judged as an actor not a film maker.

    • Any musical score must be original.

    • Monologues must be between 60 and 90 seconds in length. Any longer or shorter and you will be disqualified.

    • From Picture Up to Picture Down your Video's total running time must be between 60 and 90 seconds. Any run time longer or shorter will be disqualified (this includes Titles and Credits)



Judging & Scoring


  • The Top 60 is determined by our in house Judges.

  • Performances will be scored on a point system. Each Judge will complete a point sheet that also has room for additional comments they may have to assist each actor with future performances. Note: ONly the Overall winner, Audience and Judges Pick will receive the  coaching notes and feedback as a prize. If you're not one of these winners and would like to receive your notes you may schedule a 30 minute (in-person or Skype) decompression Private with Coach Banks at a discounted cost. Details will go out in an email to all contestants.

  • The Top 60 will be screened twice on January 25th, 2020. And there will be two types of Voting:

    • The first screening will be a closed door screening for our Panel of Industry professionals (which will include, Agents, Managers, Casting Directors, Directors, Filmmakers, and Producers). These professional will fill out score and comment cards for each monologue.

    • The Second Screening will be open to anyone who registered. There will be two ways to watch this screening: 1) In-person at Clay Banks Studio International  (entrance to this event is included in the price of your registration fee.) Or  2) You and your friends and family may watch the scening live online. Link TBA. Whether you are watching in person or online you are invited to participate in our Audience Voting. 


  • The runtime of your submitted video monologue will be used to determine you Monologues official length.  Any monologue clocking at shorter than 60 seconds and longer than 90 seconds will be disqualified. 

  • The average score a monologue receives from the audience will be factored into the scores received from the panel of judges and this is how the winner and Top 10 is determined.


After The Contest

  • Results and awards are final and will be posted on our website as well as highlighted in the Clay Banks Studio Intl. Newsletter, which is sent out to all registered attendees.

  • Collection of any and all prizes is the responsibility of the contestants. Any uncollected prizes are forfeit after February  25th, 2020.



Your participation in LA's 1Minute Monologue Contest does not guarantee nor promise employment of any kind.  THIS IS NOT AN AUDITION, it is a Contest & Showcase.