2016 Winners

Best Overall Performance


Chris Tedrow

5 Nominees for Best Actor:
(Contestant # order)

#4 Micah Linderman

#16 Shaun Fury

#21 Chris Tedrow

#35 Gabriel Figeroa 

#50 Matt Wood



Chris Tedrow

5 Nominees for Best Actress
(Contestant # order)

#7 Susan Forsythe

#30 Riley Schultheis

#47 Char Anderson

#72 Jenna Purdy

#74 Susan Silvestri


Jenna Purdy

5 Nominees for Best Character
(Contestant # order)

#3 Erin Jo Harris

#29 Ray Mainenti

#33 Chrysta Marquez

#66 Danielle Argyros

#87 Sabrina Twyla


Danielle Argyros

People Choice Award

Matt Wood

Most Controversial 2

Jai Pellerin

Keenan Carter

Writers Contest 



People's Choice:

Brett Preiss - Learning English is Fun


3rd Place (TIE):

Susan Silvestri - Wherefore Art My Romeo


Matt Chris Wood - Choice



2nd Place:

Chris Tedrow - The Last Square



1st Place


Ryan McKenzie - The Broker

 Best Writers

By Ryan McKenzie

So, here we have a 10,000 square foot building. You've got 14 foot clearance at the base of the beam. 400 amps 120/240 power. Evap coolers for the warehouse. And lastly, 1 grade and 1 dock door both 10 by 12 feet. That’s what you’re looking for right? 

Now, you and I both know that you’re not manufacturing Raggedy Anne dolls or whatever bullshit you said on the phone. You’re growing pot! Don't worry I’m not trying to bust you. I just want to lease the building. The marijuana bill passed and you want skin in the game. So, if you want in, you’re gonna do it right. 

First, get a shell corporation saying you're doing light manufacturing. Second, you need good credit. Third, when you do get the building, don’t fuck with power. Fourth, Don’t fuck with the power. Fifth, Don’t fuck with the power! If you do fuck with the power, the Department of Water and Power will get the cops out here and shut you down so fast you wont be able to say, “I fucked with the power.” 

My finders fee is 5%. When you’re ready, call me and we’ll get to work. 

Now, shall we take a look at the kitchenette?


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