1MM Production Specials

We've partnered with two production companies to offer you the opportunity to have your monologue produced, shot, and edited for your contest submission (and your reel) at a really great discounted rate!!!

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Rates and Packages

The Following rates are exclusive for our 1Minute Monologue contestants RIGHT NOW.They are valid until December 12th 12:00PM. 
Limited Time discounted Monologue Shoot Pricing for  2018 Contestants only
  • Experienced direction from an experienced director
  • 5 Years Experience Shooting Reels
  • Director-Producer of Easy Money which has just recieved Distribution


(per monologue, if you shoot two or bring a buddy)


(per monologue, if shooting solo)


(for editing if there are cutaways to a scene partner)




(per monologue)

Work with an award-winning filmmaker to create monologue footage you’re proud of


  • Shot on RED with professional cinematography

  • 20 Years Experience Shooting Broadcast Quality Reels

  • Professional direction from an experienced director / filmmaker with movies on A+E, Lifetime, SYFY, Fox, Amazon, more

  •  High-end post-production includes music and color grading of your scene


​​Look like you were paid for the work on your reel, not the other way around