Heres how it works....


STEP 1: Write a Monologue

  •  WRITE a monologue (60-90 seconds) for our competing actors to choose from.


  • GENERAL: All monologues must be ORIGINAL pieces, typed in ENGLISH.


  • GENRE, CONTENT, TYPE: Man, Woman, Young, Old, Comedic, Dramatic…it’s up to you.


  • LENGTH: Your submitted monologue, when performed, must land between 60 and 90 seconds. Performance length is part of the judging process for your submission. As you write a monologue consider emotional and verbal pacing. Understand that although you may be able to read your monologue in 60-90 seconds that does not mean it will actually play within that time frame. The length of your piece will likely expand when the performer incorporates and interprets your beats, moments and pauses. The actors are being judged on the length of their performance and will be more likely to select your monologue for performance if it fits the 60-90 second time standard. It is the 1Minute Monologue contest after all… so keep it within our time frame! 


STEP 2: Register and Submit


  • REGISTER & PAY: There’s a $25 registration fee for each monologue submitted. REGISTER HERE

    • Limit 3 Submissions per writer. 

      • There are no refunds


  • SUBMIT YOUR MONOLOGUE: Once you have paid you will be redirected to a page to Submit.

    • ENTER: Fill out the entry form located on the page you are taken to after your payment has been processed. 

      • COPY & PASTE your monologue into the assigned box on the entry form.

    • DEADLINE:  The last day to submit is November 11, 2016

      • Any submissions not received before the deadline will be discarded and disqualified.

      • There are no refunds.

    • FORMATTING: Submissions must meet PROPER DELIVERABLES.

      • Include your Full Name, Email Address and Monologue Name, on the upper right corner of your attached document.

      • OPTIONAL: Attach your monologue in Word or PDF format and email entries directly to Writers@1MinuteMonologue.com




  • All attached emailed submissions (optional) need to be in PDF, Word or .txt. We will not be accepting any other format!

  • Direct submissions to our Submission Page (required) should be cut-and-paste. 


STEP 3: Spread the Word


  • ACTOR'S CHOICE: Once you’ve registered your monologue, it will be placed on our Writer's Monologue Voting Gallery making it available to our registered performers for download and preparation. You could see your piece performed live at the TOP 100 Showcase


  • SPREAD THE WORD: Tell all of your friends and family that your monologue is in a writer's contest… (and it’s only a 1Minute read). They’ll be able to click on, read and VOTE for your monolgue!


  • CAST IT (if you can): If you know any actors who are right for your monologue (the right ‘type’), encourage them to enter the contest as an actor using your piece! You may then get an opportunity to have a hand in the direction.


STEP 4: Contest & Judging


  • JUDGING: Our professional team will judge your piece(s) against our other submitted monologues. We’ll also take into consideration how many VOTES it receives. The result will be three runners-up including our OVERALL winner.


  • VIEW: If your monologue is selected by any of our registered performers, you’ll be able to see how it’s been interpreted (live-streamed). Your monologue does not have to be selected and performed by an actor in order for it to qualify in the writers contest.


  • RESULTS: You’ll find out how you placed among the other entrants, along with the monologue performances, at our Gala Awards Celebration in December. The winner of this writer's contest will be recognized during our presentations, receive a winner's certificate and own bragging rights as the WINNING WRITER of LA’s 10th Annual 1Minute Writers Contest! (Our previous winning writers have gone on to land paid writing work after winning their respective contest.)



By submitting your work, you are agreeing to the following: The writer (you) will remain owner over the material. However, you are releasing your work completely to LA’s 1Minute Monologue Contest, Clay Banks Studio & Productions and iActing Studios for promotional use and purposes only. By submitting your monologue you are also granting permission to the competing actors of our Actor's Festival to select and perform your monologue at our Live Top 100 Showcase on November 19th, 2016. If your monologue is selected by an actor who makes it into the Top 100 showcase then your monologue will be seen by our panel of industry professionals as well as our internet audience (the event is streamed (aired) live internationally). By submitting, you understand that actors will have complete creative license over the translation of the piece and any further use by the actor is completely out of the hands of the affiliates of this contest and will lie strictly between writer and actor. All written material is subject to postings online, social media outlets and various websites.


Now get those 1Minute beauties ready to go!

And, remember… Nothing great is ever written. Greatness is rewritten!