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LA's Annual 1Minute Monologue Contest 2020


1Minute Monologue started out in its first year as an in-house contest for students studying at CBSI. Years 2-9 the contest became a city wide live acting competition, then in year 10 and 11 1Minute became an international competition accepting submissions from around the world.  Over the years 1Minute has also shifted from stage to screen and has officially become an international Video Submission Contest not much unlike a Micro Film Festival!  It's all very exciting! 


LA's 1Minute Monologue Contest's purpose is to challenge actors to connect with writers, directors, and producers (or even become one) in order to create and submit their best filmed 60-90 second monologue scene specifically for the big screen. So now, actors competing in our contest have the option to present their monologues on film. Film and TV is the medium our actors are training for, so, this is why we have recently designed our contest to reflect that.


Here's what sets the 1Minute Monologue Film Festival apart from other microfilm festivals. Film festivals generally place a majority of focus on filmmaking. Our emphasis is (and has always been) to place the focus on the actors and their monologue performance. 1MM is first and foremost an acting/performance-based contest.


This means 2020's contest will give all CBSI actors the opportunity to take their 1Minute monologues off the stage and produce a polished product on screen. And after it is all is said and done, each actor will have walked away with a monologue performance ready for their reel!

LIVE Performance
PRODUCED Performance

Each submitted short (60-90 second) will be judged solely on the acting. So if you want to self-tape your monologue in front of a simple background, with natural light on your smartphone (as you would for an audition) then more power to you! If you are a current student and you want to film your monologue in class in front of our black curtains for free during class time, you're welcome to do so. Your monologue will be judged by the same standards as someone who fully produces their monologue on location with lighting equipment, sound editing, score, and cinematography. Remember, our focus is your performance. If you feel you can deliver the goods without being framed in cinematic glory, then go for it! 


Our goal in opening the contest to fully produced performances is to encourage you, the actor, to get out there and collaborate with filmmakers to make something that you can proudly add to your marketing materials.  So get out there and network, this powerful 60-90 second scene can be created by one person, two people or a full team. What you put into it is up to you, just remember, at the end of the day, you will only be judged on your performance, not your production value.


The monologue you choose can be any genre from action to adventure, comedy to drama. It can be material from a famous film or an original piece penned by you. Anything goes! The scene can consist of one actor alone, two, four or even a crowd… as long as the principal performer has 80% of the overall dialogue and screentime.


Don't forget to check our Writers Contest if your piece is an original or you have a writer friend that would like to see their piece come to life.  This will give writers a chance to construct their best scene and post it on our 1Minute Monologue Film Festival website for others to view and choose (if they so desire) as the scene they wish to perform and produce.


The deadline to submit your film is January 19th, 20202 at 11:59 PM (the deadline to register is  January 18th, 2020 at Noon). The official date of the actual celebration and awards presentation will be Saturday, January 25th, 2020 where we’ll be screening all submitted films at our studio in Burbank, CA.  Voting will take place and the winners will be announced that night!


LA's Annual 1Minute Monologue FIlm Festival 2020